Mermaid Parade
June 21, 2008

mermaid_20080621_0828 (108K)
Here is the front of the Mermaid Parade, as it reaches us up on the Boardwalk at Coney Island,
on a beautiful afternoon on the first full day of Summer.

mermaid_20080621_0830 (62K) mermaid_20080621_0831 (153K)
As Mrs. Satan tells me, I have the rapture of the tiny.
Lovely replicas of our former A and number 7 trains (also known as the Redbird),
detoxified and now resting in the ocean to form new reefs for the fishies.

mermaid_20080621_0835 (118K) mermaid_20080621_0836 (166K) mermaid_20080621_0837 (189K)
Over the decades, our dear family-owned amusements keep on shrinking;
planned luxury condos and a mall threaten our Coney Island dreams.

mermaid_20080621_0839 (85K)
Oh, to bear the feathery weight of the tiny Cyclone upon her happy head!

mermaid_20080621_0841 (85K)
Oh, Wonder Woman of the sea!

mermaid_20080621_0846 (193K)
Four glorious participants in the Summer revels, Mr. and Mrs. Satan and our beloved Uncle Sidney.
And, of course, the darling of the Satans, Fluffy the dragon!

mermaid_20080621_0847 (183K)

mermaid_20080621_0849 (112K)
Beloved Uncle finding respite from the hot hot sun. He leaves us to wander as he returns to his radio kingdom.

mermaid_20080621_0850 (206K)
The Satans covered in sunblock and glory.

mermaid_20080621_0851 (178K) mermaid_20080621_0852 (128K)
Fluffy, CSI Brooklyn

mermaid_20080621_0853 (313K)
The only tiny dragon on the beach.

mermaid_20080621_0857 (328K)
Fluffy finds a friend.

mermaid_20080621_0864 (233K)
The march to the ocean.

mermaid_20080621_0862 (190K)
Mr. Satan declares it to be Summer!

mermaid_20080621_0865 (345K)
Up on the boardwalk, our amusements are the old-fashioned kind.

mermaid_20080621_0869 (251K)
Fluffy and the Satans wend their way through the games of chance.

mermaid_20080621_0871 (283K)
Our very own wheel of wonder.

mermaid_20080621_0872 (198K)
“Don't Postpone Joy”- and they didn't!

mermaid_20080621_0873 (94K)
Two beautiful sirens of the sea.

mermaid_20080621_0877 (327K) mermaid_20080621_0880 (260K) mermaid_20080621_0881 (206K)
Here is a view of the 88 year old Wonder Wheel, the anchor of Deno's Wonder Wheel Park, and Astroland Tower, the pride, along with the 81 year old Cyclone roller coaster, of Astroland. They are the only two amusement parks left in Coney. This photo is taken while standing 'midst the rubble and temporary rides hauled in after developers bulldozed the permanent rides that had been in the lot for decades, the gocarts and the fabulous batting cages. No more.

mermaid_20080621_0883 (227K)
Rubble and garbage to walk on.

mermaid_20080621_0884 (277K) mermaid_20080621_0886 (243K)
Ambrosia and nectar.

mermaid_20080621_0890 (213K)
Twilight falls on Surf Avenue.

mermaid_20080621_0888 (179K)
The Parachute Jump begins to twinkle.

mermaid_20080621_0891 (400K) mermaid_20080621_0892 (266K) mermaid_20080621_0893 (263K) mermaid_20080621_0894 (279K) mermaid_20080621_0896 (292K)
Fluffy spies Topo Gigio, Kermit and all manner of sweet things in William's Candy Shop.

mermaid_20080621_0901 (225K) mermaid_20080621_0902 (251K) mermaid_20080621_0907 (292K) mermaid_20080621_0903 (189K)
The Bowery, the Bowery, they play strange things and they ride strange things...

mermaid_20080621_0911 (267K)
Dancing at the Polar Express.

mermaid_20080621_0924 (212K)
One of the hellish guardians of the Spook⋅A⋅Rama.

mermaid_20080621_0927 (343K)
The Satans visit with an old fiend.

mermaid_20080621_0925 (275K) mermaid_20080621_0929 (317K) mermaid_20080621_0930 (322K)
Under the Wonder Wheel.

mermaid_20080621_0941 (328K) mermaid_20080621_0942 (331K)
Mr. Satan astride the Super Shot, while Mrs. Satan guards the stuff.

mermaid_20080621_0946 (238K)
Mr Satan prepares.

mermaid_20080621_0947 (179K)
The Super Shot tower.

mermaid_20080621_0950 (263K)
Mr. Satan ascends into heaven!

mermaid_20080621_0953 (211K)
The Fall!

mermaid_20080621_0954 (207K)
Mr. Satan is well pleased.

mermaid_20080621_0962 (281K)
Teeny tiny exhibits!

mermaid_20080621_0971 (242K) mermaid_20080621_0974 (272K)
Requiem for simple pleasures.

mermaid_20080621_0984 (224K) mermaid_20080621_0989 (251K)
The Eldorado auto-scooters, that's bumper cars to you! Bump, bump, bump your ass off!

mermaid_20080621_0990 (182K)

mermaid_20080621_0994 (272K)
Half a Faber's Fascination is better than none. Games of skill and chance.

mermaid_20080621_0998 (356K)
The view from the Q train as we end the day.

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