The Rapture of the Tiny

Ratgirl of the West says that I have the rapture of the tiny, and she is right- the smallest of things can be very interesting, and most pleasing to the eye.

panda on the moon

That's one teensy step for a thumbnail-sized panda bear.

tiny rose

A slightly blurry bathroom bottle rose. Apartment dwellers take their nature where they can find it.

lights on the ceiling

Light reflected through a CD on the window sill.

Robby the Robot and a fountain pen

Robby the Robot and one of my sweetie's many pens.

Uncle Sidney 1
Uncle Sidney 2

Radio's Uncle Sidney with his teeny tiny friends.

tiny pears on a tree in Brooklyn

The less than one inch fruit of the Callery Pear, a very common street tree in Brooklyn.

paper flowers 1 paper flowers 2 paper flowers 3 paper flowers 4

A very small, but very expensive chocolate shop at Rockefeller Center. Riotous petite paper flowers.

bathroom tableau

Lulu of the Far South's bathroom tableau teeny.

wolf among the plants

A wolf amongst the potted plants!

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